The ROYALGALA collection explores knitwear’s synchronized relationship with the body. Knitwear consists of individual pieces of yarn, looped together, with varying tension that responds when activated and stretched. This tension describes specific visual communication with bodies and objects that is unique to knitted materiality. This prompted an exploration of ways tension and activation of knitted structures can be manipulated through two methods of production; domestic machine knitting and digital knitting. These methods allowed me to focus on the contrasting processes of intuitive hand-making and digital manipulation. From these I have extracted techniques which can be used to introduce negative space within the textile, to stimulate and respond to the unique tension and synchronization of knit and body.

All garments are made with 100% mercerized cotton. Mercerization is a textile finishing treatment for cotton which improves dye uptake, tear strength, reduces fabric shrinkage, and imparts a silk-like luster.

Please hand wash these garments, and lay flat in shade to dry.

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All photos courtesy Andrei Blidarean. Special thanks to Bridget Riggir-Cuddy, Emmanuelle Sarmiento, Finnbar Porteous, Pollyproperlean, Meg Porteous, Neo gracie, Fount–via.